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HPLC and HPLC-Ultra Gradient Applications

In high performance liquid chromatography the intrinsic quality of the solvents is of the greatest significance. We have been optimizing our HPLC grades to match many LC applications, enabling you to determine which is the best grade for your specific need.

Anaqua offers a full range of HPLC solvents with lot-to-lot analyzed to meet the high quality specifications for HPLC separations. We control the low levels of peak impurities residue, water, acidity and alkalinity, the high chemical purity and the UV transmittance, al l of which are critical parameters for a successful and reproducible HPLC applications.

All our HPLC solvents are filtered through 0.2 pm membrane, insuring particle- free mobile phases, and are bottled under inert gas for improved shelf life.

Ultra-Gradient grade HPLC solvents are specified with the gradient elution tests for the highest peak and drift at critical wavelengths in order to demonstrate the peak-free baseline. This enables you to make a better evaluation of minor impurities assuring optimum sensitivity.

Ultra-Gradient grade HPLC solvents are produced from specially selected raw materials, and undergo a number of purification steps prior to final packaging. Their features are ultra-high purity, ultra-low impurity peaks during gradient applications, excellent far UV scan, packed under nitrogen, submicron ultra fine filtration, etc.